Let me tell you a secret

Dreams Can Come True

I know it has been a really long time since you have heard from me. I feel somewhat like a caterpillar who spent the last 9 months in a chrysalis. I am just now emerging as that beautiful butterfly totally transformed!

I spent time with my family on our boat this summer and have spent a lot of time on self healing and self love. I've taken the time to explore some of my passions and have opened to new learning opportunities the universe has provided. I just finished up Doreen Virtue's Certified Angel Card Reader class and am offering some amazing deals in celebration! I'm also in the middle of a year long Holistic Shamanic Certification Program. I'm learning some amazing ancient techniques that I am able to incorporate into my readings and healings. But the thing that I have probably spent the most amount of time on is manifesting my dreams.

You see I've had this dream for sometime now, to sell our house, move onto a boat and homeschool my girls. We plan to sail south down the Intercostal Waterway to spend the winters in the FL/Bahamas area and sail back up here (we live in CT now) in the summers to visit friends and family in the area. I've been guided for a while now that this is what I'm suppose to do and the universe is aligning to make things happen. Having been a teacher for 11 years before quitting to pursue my more spiritual/intuitive side, I feel comfortable with homeschooling (or should I say boatschooling) my two girls. I've set up my business in such a way that I will be able to continue to offer my services no matter where our boat is anchored as long as we have cell phone/internet access. Now the practical pieces of this puzzle are starting to come together. We will put our house on the market in the next month or so and on our vacation to St. Thomas next month we will be checking out a few catamarans that are for sale.

I'd like to share with you a secret I have learned about dreams. Sure dreams love to be daydreamed about, but do you know what they like even more? To be shared, to be talked about, to be drawn about, to be sung about. Dreams can't come alive in the dark corners of your mind, they need exposure, light and vibration to be brought to fruition.

Yesterday I came across a text message I sent to my husband on Oct. 1, 2013 that said "I walked at the beach, it was beautiful- I still want to live on a boat some day, hopefully Tico likes boats!" Tico was our brand new rescue cat, and this text is when I started to deliberately talk about my dream. For a long time it was only with "safe" people, mostly my husband. I just didn't think others would get it (and to be honest, some still don't). It took me a while to realize that by not talking about it to others, to the "unsafe" people, I was putting a hold on my dream, I was shutting it down, I was coming from a place of fear, and that my friends is NOT ripe ground for dreams to live and grow. Only when I took the step, the "risk", to talk about my dream with anyone who would listen, did the manifestation process truly get going. Suddenly other people were talking to me about their dreams, ones they had never told anyone. And this is when everything really started to fall into place, when things got fun! It's when the coincidences and synchronicities took off and I felt totally guided and supported by the Universe.

So what are your dreams? What have you always wanted to do?What have you been too afraid to talk about? Dare to allow yourself to dream and if you need a "safe" person to start sharing with, reach out to me :)



What Seeds Have You Planted?

When I have checked in with my Higher Self over the last few years, I have consistently gotten the same message, "You are here to plant seeds." Now I know it's spring time and you could take this message in the literal sense and decide that my career should be as a gardener :) I love flowers, but if you ask my husband he will tell you that I do NOT have a green thumb!
During an intuitive reading session my guides and those of my client provide information that I share, and that they pick up on, and I consider some of these pieces of information to be seeds. They may not resonate with my client yet, and I may have absolutely no idea what they mean, nevertheless a week, a month, or a year later that information becomes very valuable to my client's learning and growth. 
To me planting seeds is all about ideas. Now who knows, does the fact that I shared this information change the future and move this particular course of events into action? Would it have happened without me sharing it? I'm not quite sure, it's like the chicken or the egg, which came first. But the question is does it really matter? Learning, growth and healing is happening and that is what I'm most concerned with. 
Planting seeds happens not only in my work but also in my daily interactions with people. I plant seeds in my kids minds about things they didn't think was possible for them to do. Or in a strangers by giving them a warm smile or an unsolicited compliment. It also happens in my own mind, with the thoughts I choose to think about myself. I have the choice, do I water those seeds that are good thoughts, uplifting, life affirming thoughts? Or do I send more nourishment to the darker thoughts, the ones that eat away at my confidence or my self esteem? I have a choice and so do you. So the next time you see a new flower peeking out from the ground or blooming in a store, let it serve as a reminder to check what seeds you have planted and watered in your own mind and the minds of people around you. If you would like to work with me please reach out to book a session


Celebration of Life

This is going to be a bit personal. It's a shout out to my Grandmother who turned 102 on February 21st. That's right, 102!!! Now I can't say that we have always gotten along- I remember quite a few times when we didn't get along at all in fact, but no matter what, she was family and I have always loved her. Right now as I'm writing this I'm snuggled up under the beautiful warm blanket she knit for me a few years ago. To image all of the things that she has seen in her life. Like wars, she was on the last boat out of Norway before World War II. She left her family behind to start her own adventure in the United States. She has also seen the passing of her husband and siblings and friends. My mother wanted to take her out to a flower show for her birthday but she said she was too tired. She told my mom it was "hard being 102." I can't even image, can you? 
On the flip side, I have known quite a few people who have taken their lives recently or who have died before they have really had a chance to live. So this is my plea to each and every person reading this. You don't know how long you have on this planet, it could be 5 more years, 10 or even 80, but don't wait to do the things you want to do. As the saying goes "Live each day as if it were your last." Don't wait till you retire to take your trip of a lifetime. Don't wait till you have to quit your day job to start following your passions. Do what you can to make your dreams happen NOW. And if you find fears or obstacles getting in your way, let's work to clear those blocks together. If you need help please reach out to book a session

Ripples of Change

Can you believe it, we are already halfway through January! How has 2015 been treating you so far? I was sick for a while so I took some needed down time, to listen to my body and just take it slow. I read a lot, caught up on TV shows, and banked some good sleep.
I didn't beat myself up for not going to the gym or getting all the things done that were on my to do list after the holidays. I just gave myself the space that my body was asking for; something I never would have let myself do in the past. I would have pushed through it, and probably would have just made myself sicker, and even gotten the rest of my family sick! I'm so grateful for the progress I have made so far, and so is my family ;) 
Now this might not seem like a lot to be grateful for, but small changes really do matter. I'm reminded of my favorite quote from the most recent Intuitive Book Club book, Emmanuel's Book. "The most minute transformation is like a pebble dropped into a still lake. The ripples spread out endlessly." Even when our changes seem tiny, they do have a profound reach that we are often not conscious of.
What minute changes have you made so far this year? And who have those changes reached? Send me an email and let me know. I'd love to hear from you. Take the time to give yourself credit for any progress you have made. If you haven't stuck with your New Year's resolutions, relax, let go of the guilt and focus on a few tiny adjustments that you think you can stick with for the long haul. Then sit back and watch the ripples spread.
If you need help please reach out to book a session

Blessings and Magic Hidden in the Darkness

This weekend marks the Winter Solstice; the longest night of the year and the perfect time to set your intentions for the year ahead. There are blessings and magic hidden in the darkness. What dreams do you have deep down inside, where light seldom reaches? Take some time this weekend to explore that space, to allow yourself to dream the dreams that might seem impossible. There is a universal power behind the intentions that are set on the Winter Solstice. It makes it easier for your wishes to take root, grow, and flourish with the coming light. To help draw in what you most desire for the New Year light a candle for each of your intentions. At the same time take a moment to reflect on how your life has changed over the past year. Personally, my own life has shifted dramatically in terms of my business this year :) If you are not satisfied with the changes you have made over the last 365 days, do something about it! Don't wait another year, take action NOW and connect with me. Do you need help getting clear on your intentions or releasing blocks that seem to be holding you back from getting exactly what you want? Please reach out to book a session. Truly, I am here to help you!

Take Care of Others this Holiday Season by Taking Care of Yourself

My Holiday of Self Love

Welcome to my first ever newsletter! It has taken me ages to get this going because I just didn't know what to write...

Well I've gotten over that, I'm following my intuition and have asked my Guides for some guidance – shocker I know ;) – They told me to write from my heart. Sounded like good advice, so I went with it.

To me writing from my heart means not sugar coating things, not putting on appearances, but tellings things as they really are. For me the holidays are a tough time and I know they are for many others. I am truly grateful to have my loving family to spend the holidays with, but for some reason, it feels like that is not enough. I'm not sure if it has something to do with all that advertising – the constant pressure to buy all those things that I really don't need. Or the hectic schedule with so many places we need to be. But for me as a highly sensitive and empathic person, I find all of it extremely overwhelming. The hustle, the bustle, the rush to get everything done, to buy things, to see as much of my distant family as possible;I seem to get wrapped up in all of it, even when I try my hardest not to.

Well this year I have decided to give myself the greatest gift I can imagine. This holiday season is not going to be about my parents, or my husband, or even my kids. I'm giving myself the gift of staying true to myself, to what I need, to what feels right for me at this time. I'm giving myself a free pass from pleasing others, from keeping up with The Joneses, from winning the best mom of the year award.  

Now I know that some of you may find this selfish and might not understand and that is totally okay. I probably would have felt that same way a few years ago. But that's the beauty of this gift to myself – I'm listening to my body, to my intuition, to my guides and doing what is right for ME. And for me, that is a major step on my journey to self love. What is your body, your intuition, your guides trying to tell YOU? What is your next step on your journey to self love? If you’re not sure and want help trying to figure that out, please reach out a book a session with me. Truly, I am here to help you!