Celebration of Life

This is going to be a bit personal. It's a shout out to my Grandmother who turned 102 on February 21st. That's right, 102!!! Now I can't say that we have always gotten along- I remember quite a few times when we didn't get along at all in fact, but no matter what, she was family and I have always loved her. Right now as I'm writing this I'm snuggled up under the beautiful warm blanket she knit for me a few years ago. To image all of the things that she has seen in her life. Like wars, she was on the last boat out of Norway before World War II. She left her family behind to start her own adventure in the United States. She has also seen the passing of her husband and siblings and friends. My mother wanted to take her out to a flower show for her birthday but she said she was too tired. She told my mom it was "hard being 102." I can't even image, can you? 
On the flip side, I have known quite a few people who have taken their lives recently or who have died before they have really had a chance to live. So this is my plea to each and every person reading this. You don't know how long you have on this planet, it could be 5 more years, 10 or even 80, but don't wait to do the things you want to do. As the saying goes "Live each day as if it were your last." Don't wait till you retire to take your trip of a lifetime. Don't wait till you have to quit your day job to start following your passions. Do what you can to make your dreams happen NOW. And if you find fears or obstacles getting in your way, let's work to clear those blocks together. If you need help please reach out to book a session