Let me tell you a secret

Dreams Can Come True

I know it has been a really long time since you have heard from me. I feel somewhat like a caterpillar who spent the last 9 months in a chrysalis. I am just now emerging as that beautiful butterfly totally transformed!

I spent time with my family on our boat this summer and have spent a lot of time on self healing and self love. I've taken the time to explore some of my passions and have opened to new learning opportunities the universe has provided. I just finished up Doreen Virtue's Certified Angel Card Reader class and am offering some amazing deals in celebration! I'm also in the middle of a year long Holistic Shamanic Certification Program. I'm learning some amazing ancient techniques that I am able to incorporate into my readings and healings. But the thing that I have probably spent the most amount of time on is manifesting my dreams.

You see I've had this dream for sometime now, to sell our house, move onto a boat and homeschool my girls. We plan to sail south down the Intercostal Waterway to spend the winters in the FL/Bahamas area and sail back up here (we live in CT now) in the summers to visit friends and family in the area. I've been guided for a while now that this is what I'm suppose to do and the universe is aligning to make things happen. Having been a teacher for 11 years before quitting to pursue my more spiritual/intuitive side, I feel comfortable with homeschooling (or should I say boatschooling) my two girls. I've set up my business in such a way that I will be able to continue to offer my services no matter where our boat is anchored as long as we have cell phone/internet access. Now the practical pieces of this puzzle are starting to come together. We will put our house on the market in the next month or so and on our vacation to St. Thomas next month we will be checking out a few catamarans that are for sale.

I'd like to share with you a secret I have learned about dreams. Sure dreams love to be daydreamed about, but do you know what they like even more? To be shared, to be talked about, to be drawn about, to be sung about. Dreams can't come alive in the dark corners of your mind, they need exposure, light and vibration to be brought to fruition.

Yesterday I came across a text message I sent to my husband on Oct. 1, 2013 that said "I walked at the beach, it was beautiful- I still want to live on a boat some day, hopefully Tico likes boats!" Tico was our brand new rescue cat, and this text is when I started to deliberately talk about my dream. For a long time it was only with "safe" people, mostly my husband. I just didn't think others would get it (and to be honest, some still don't). It took me a while to realize that by not talking about it to others, to the "unsafe" people, I was putting a hold on my dream, I was shutting it down, I was coming from a place of fear, and that my friends is NOT ripe ground for dreams to live and grow. Only when I took the step, the "risk", to talk about my dream with anyone who would listen, did the manifestation process truly get going. Suddenly other people were talking to me about their dreams, ones they had never told anyone. And this is when everything really started to fall into place, when things got fun! It's when the coincidences and synchronicities took off and I felt totally guided and supported by the Universe.

So what are your dreams? What have you always wanted to do?What have you been too afraid to talk about? Dare to allow yourself to dream and if you need a "safe" person to start sharing with, reach out to me :)