What Seeds Have You Planted?

When I have checked in with my Higher Self over the last few years, I have consistently gotten the same message, "You are here to plant seeds." Now I know it's spring time and you could take this message in the literal sense and decide that my career should be as a gardener :) I love flowers, but if you ask my husband he will tell you that I do NOT have a green thumb!
During an intuitive reading session my guides and those of my client provide information that I share, and that they pick up on, and I consider some of these pieces of information to be seeds. They may not resonate with my client yet, and I may have absolutely no idea what they mean, nevertheless a week, a month, or a year later that information becomes very valuable to my client's learning and growth. 
To me planting seeds is all about ideas. Now who knows, does the fact that I shared this information change the future and move this particular course of events into action? Would it have happened without me sharing it? I'm not quite sure, it's like the chicken or the egg, which came first. But the question is does it really matter? Learning, growth and healing is happening and that is what I'm most concerned with. 
Planting seeds happens not only in my work but also in my daily interactions with people. I plant seeds in my kids minds about things they didn't think was possible for them to do. Or in a strangers by giving them a warm smile or an unsolicited compliment. It also happens in my own mind, with the thoughts I choose to think about myself. I have the choice, do I water those seeds that are good thoughts, uplifting, life affirming thoughts? Or do I send more nourishment to the darker thoughts, the ones that eat away at my confidence or my self esteem? I have a choice and so do you. So the next time you see a new flower peeking out from the ground or blooming in a store, let it serve as a reminder to check what seeds you have planted and watered in your own mind and the minds of people around you. If you would like to work with me please reach out to book a session