Alyssa Citarella's Human Design Summary

Alyssa is a Generator with a 2/4 profile. She is designed to respond to people’s needs and she is a natural networker who connects well with others in a heart-felt way.

The 27-50 channel of Preservation helps her look after the well being of people as a care giver. She also has the drive to improve the future of people by making critical moves to improve the quality of their lives through the 18-58 channel of Judgment.

Alyssa goes through constant change in her life with the 3-60 channel of Mutation. Unexpected events are common in her life and this awareness helps her deal with change. In addition, she has significant intuition with her well defined Spleen center. Spirituality enters her life through the 24 gate of Returning where she is always trying to get to the inner truth.

The 8 gate of Contribution helps Alyssa work with people in a personal way and the 40 gate of Deliverance gives her the heart-felt energy to deliver on any commitments she makes. As part of the channel of Mutation the 3 gate of Beginning helps plant seeds for new initiatives. Also, the 2 gate of Receptivity provides a direction for her life which is in tune with the Universe. Because this is on her undefined Self center she can be part of any group without any question. She is automatically accepted. 

She is a natural leader with the 31 gate of Influence where she helps people get into the flow of life with services that she offers. This is enhanced with the 44 gate of Patterns which gives her the instinct to understand the needs of others and how to deal with them.

Alyssa’s life theme is Laws where she has the ability to express what is needed to stimulate others with opinions that will lead to better experiences through guidelines for living. 

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